Lee Morrison

Lee Morrison began training in traditional Japanese Martial Arts some 24 years ago. From that time onward, he has trained in a variety of Martial methods both Eastern and Western including Chinese, Thai and Filipino, Western boxing and Wrestling, grappling and Close Quarter Western Combatives. At the age of 23, he threw himself into strength training and weight-lifting in an attempt to increase size and strength. This continued for years, eventually trying his hand at competitive lifting with good success at amateur level during the early Nineties.

It was around this time that he started working as a pub and nightclub doorman. In his own words he says:

“My learning curve, at least in terms of what I have found to work for me in a 'live' situation, only really kicked in when I started to work on the doors.”

This was, at times, a massive test of character. All of a sudden ,there was this drastic need to quickly chip away at all the un-essentials and whittle down everything I had learnt so far, to a simple pro-active strategy that had worked for me on numerous occasions in the past. In over a decade working on the door, I learned an awful lot about myself and about the way that I respond under pressure. I also feel that I have, at least for me, managed to sort the wheat from the chaff regarding the fighting arts that I've studied so far.

During the 1990's I was highly influenced by Geoff Thompson and Peter Consterdine, and it was through Geoff that I was fortunate to begin by study of Western Combatives under the influence of the late great Peter Robbins.

From there, I became an instructor under Dennis Martin within his CQB Services, then went onto study with a variety of great people in Europe and the US. This included the late Charles Nelson, who was one of the very last links to Close Combat of the WWII period. I studied the WWII Combatives influences with a great passion - not just the physical hard-skills but also the psychological tactics, as well as the history of it all.

Like those before me, I teach the winning concepts of being pre-emptive, training for impact, and learning all you can about the adrenal response. All this has been said and written about before, by bigger and better people than me. I have merely reached similar conclusions from similar experiences.

On The Door

My experience was gained from knowledge acquired on the inevitable journey from adolescence to maturity - from the school yard to fights in the street/pub/club environment growing up, then later from 14 years working on the doors in London, Portsmouth and Southampton - which was an awakening experience at times, to say the least. In addition to that, from pressure testing everything I have learned from everyone of influence to me under full non-compliance in our training

In 1999 I formed our curriculum 'Urban Combatives', which is a whittled-down formula based on and around those conclusions. The basis for what we teach comes from the cultivation of good Personal Security skills.

These lie predominantly around awareness, avoidance, threat recognition, pre-cue indicators and confident body-language profile. This is the Self-Protection element (or 'soft skills'), which is supported with a basic gross-motor toolbox ('hard skills') that is simple to learn and easy to retain under stress. This, of course, relates to the physical combative element.

The powerbase that drives us in a physical sense comes from our combative mentality and perspective throughout the entire spectrum of a violent altercation. The basis of that is simply the combined elements of impact with attitude.

Urban Combatives now operates on the international circuit teaching both civilians and operatives. For more information relating to tuition and informational products, see the online store.

Please note that everything we do is geared for counter-violence from a street orientated perspective - it's not for sport, or art for art's sake. There will be role-play, dialogue and profanity, as well as non-compliant simulation drills and a degree of stress inoculation.

Great fun (: