Gallery of Acknowledgements

Enoeda Sensei

This is where my martial arts journey began studying Shotokan karate under Senseis Enoeda (above), Tomita and Ohta, who taught at the Marshall Street dojo in London.

Geoff Thompson Jamie O'Keefe

Geoff Thompson has been a major influence for me since the early nineties. Geoff and others like him, including Jamie O'Keefe and Peter Consterdine amongst others, were pivotal figures for bringing the importance of reality training and the need to adapt and taper the martial arts in order for them to stand any chance of working for you in a real situation.

Paul Vunak

Sifu Paul Vunak is one of the most talented martial artists that I've ever trained with. His Rapid Assault Tactics programme is as stream-lined, functional and combative as it gets.

Peter Consterdine

Peter Consterdine of the British Combat Association is another pioneer in the Self-Protection world. Peter is one of the hardest-hitting individuals that I have ever held the pads for. His impact for striking is nothing short of scary.

Mo Teague

Maurice Teague is another top B.C.A. instructor who has applied his craft more times than most would care to remember.

W.E. Fairbairn Colonel Rex Applegate Charlie Nelson
W.E. Fairbairn
Colonel Rex Applegate
Charlie Nelson

Here are some influential figures from the Close Quarter Combat methods both pre- and post WW2. The Combatives developed and maintained by the following people were designed for the Military and adapted for law enforcement and civilians alike and are still considered the most tried and tested methods of functional hand to hand combat available today.

Charlie Nelson Bob Spiegel

Here is Mr Charlie Nelson. He was one of the last remaining Close Combat legends of the WW2 era. This fine old gentleman taught his system of Self-defence for over 50 years in New York City. In the next picture is Bob Spiegel who was a student of Charlie's for 15 years, and is now considered a worthy successor to the Nelson system.

Kelly McCann John Kary

Ex U.S Marine Kelly McCann is considered by many to be the modern king of Combatives. His teaching methods and in-your-face attitude has had a huge influence on my own training, as has American Combatives master instructor and ex-Vietnam veteran John Kary. After having spent some time training with Mr Kary's European representatives in the UK, I can confirm that the American Combatives School builds from the foundation laid down by Fairbairn himself.

Other influential figures include those from a training group that I am very proud to be a part of called C.O.D.A., standing for 'Combative, Oriental and Defendu Arts'. This is an association that brings together a close-knit group of like minded individuals keen to take the inspiration from our close combat forefathers into the future.

Peter Robins

One of our main CODA instructors (and a close combat historian) was the late Peter Robins. Other CODA instructors include Paul Child as well as some well respected hand-to-hand experts from overseas - namely Den Brinkley and Bob Kasper. Other respected members of our group include Alan Charlton of the Self-Protection Association, and Dennis Martin - a Defensive Tactics specialist and chief instructor of his own CQB tactical training services.

Den Brinkley

Overseas CODA Instructor and a major authority on close-combat and authentic WW2 Combatives, Den Brinkley.

Dennis Martin

Another well-respected individual in the field, CQB instructor Dennis Martin.

Dennis Martin

Dennis Martin demonstrating the chin-jab.

Dennis Martin

Dennis Martin demonstrating the tiger-claw.

Dennis Martin

Dennis Martin discussing the finer points of the Spar-Pro.