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UC Online Course 1


Product Description

The first basic Urban Combatives Course of 12 Modules is now ready for immediate Download! The idea is that you study and apply one module in training per week, giving each student a 12 week course structure. This basic overview of material will offer the student of Combatives a clear understanding and training template covering all essential elements of the UC Curriculum. This will prove useful for those wishing to progress within UC as well as any-one simply seeking the basics of good Self-Protection.

Modules Included:
1. Introduction and Soft Skills
2. UC Game Plan/Vital Pyramid
3. Hard Skills Cultivation Drills One
4. Hard Skills Cultivation Drills Two
5. ‘Blitzkrieg’ Continuous Attack-Principles/Drills
6. Default Counter Offence Drills One
7. Default Counter Offence Drills Two
8. Dealing with Common Unarmed Assault
9. Secondary Tools: Low-line Skills/ Takedowns
10. Secondary Tools: ECQ Options
11. Simulation Training Template
12. Scenario Training Design/KIT


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