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Brent Sankey

Redland, South East Queensland

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Urban Combatives Study Group Queensland (Aus) aims to study and practice
the key principles and curriculum of UC under the direct guidance of Lee
Morrison.  Classes will be held at Redland City Boxing’s gym  situated in
the south east Queensland suburb of Redlands.*
*The group will provide progress videos and reports to Lee Morrison for
review and feedback so that we continue to improve and evaluate our
practice **of this highly effective and proven self protection system*

Urban Combatives (UC) was established in 1999. It is an Internationally
recognised organisation that installs Personal Security and Self Protection
Skills as a Method of Counter Violence! It was Primarily created for the
Every day Civilian, but has adaptability for Security, Law Enforcement and
Military Units and has been taught to all right up to Elite Special Forces
all over the World.

Training Times & Venue

Study Group Sessions:

Please contact Brent

Venue Address:

Redland City Boxing’s gym