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Dragon Combatives

Phil Webley-Parry

Pontypridd, Wales UK

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My name is Phil Webley-Parry, I’m 37, and live in the South Wales Valleys
in the UK.
Over the last 20 years or so, I have gained a background in traditional
Martial Arts such as; Aikido, Karate, Kickboxing, Krav Maga…
While still training Krav Maga, I stumbled upon Lee Morrison/Urban
Combatives while watching YouTube. On that day, my UC journey started and
“traditional martial arts” finished.
Training for so long in traditional Martial arts and sport fighting, my
sessions never seemed “real” or “street” enough, but since discovering
Urban Combatives my training structure and drills have moved into a new
level of realism!
At present I have gained my Grade 2, and am working towards my instructors

Training Times & Venue

Study Group Sessions:

Every Monday, Wednesday & Friday: 18:00- 19:30

Sunday: 08:00 – 10:00am


Garage Gym

Urban Combatives Study Group Sussex

Sean Clark

Lancing, Sussex

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I started my combatives journey as a child when I joined a small local Wado
Ryu karate school. After a while training there I got my first taste of
combatives with a local man who showed me some less rigid fighting methods
About the same time my ex forces stepfather taught me gutter fighting

In 2000 I joined Wutan which taught traditional Chinese external and
internal martial arts. I trained for many years under Master They Soon Tuan
and Master Wu Song Fa. I ended up assistant teaching and then lead teaching
classes in Brighton. Also during this time I became a firearms range
officer and continued my training in use of long range and close quarters
shooting methods.

I found UC and started dipping into the UC world and was also studying
material by Geoff Thompson and other combatives legends.

I trained in Cross Krav Maga for many years. The Krav was supplemented by
various seminars in other forms.

I have an urban tactical pistol certification with the Global Security
Centre in Poland. I have also studied and passed No Lie Blades level one.

Recently I have trained with an ex met police firearms and diplomatic close
protection officer. We trained in combat with and without firearms as well
as control and restraint techniques used by the polices and forces.

Training Times & Venue

Study Group Sessions:

Please contact Sean for information.


The Green Room

Lancing Parish Hall
96 South Street
West Sussex
BN15 8AJ

Alex Wilson

Crowthorne, Berks

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Hi my name is Alex, I’m 27 years old and based in Bracknell Berkshire.

I have studied UC in one way, shape or form since 2013 having attended the traditional Wednesday night sessions in Southampton for a few years before undertaking my own self study. Most of my experience has been centred around UC and the world of reality based self defence (RBSD) however I have also had some experience in western boxing. After moving away from Southampton when my university studies concluded I undertook training with small group of like minded people which provided an excellent space to continue to develop my skills and knowledge.
I am yet to find a system that is more suited to real life street based violence than UC. Working in the criminal justice system I have come to understand that violence is not fair, does not have rules and will not have mercy and so cultivating an effective counter-response is vital for the everyday man.

Asgardian Combatives is an affiliated study group to continue learning and offering others a place to train all whilst being official sanctioned by Lee himself. The study group is in its fledgling stages and so I am keen to ensure a variety of experience levels are accommodated to ensure maximum learning takes place.

Please note as per the description of a UC study group I am not an instructor and in no way qualified to teach. This is a place for like-minded people that want to train in UC methods together.

Training Times & Venue

Study Group Sessions:

Please contact Alex for information.


Outdoors: Morgan Recreation Ground Crowthorne Berks

Indoor: TBC


Tuesdays: 19:00-20:30

Dave Wilkinson

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Details to follow….

Training Times & Venue

Study Group Sessions:

Please contact Dave for information.

Please note this is a Closed Group