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Michiel Mulder

5th Generation Full UC Instructor
  • Background

Since I was 12 years old I was training in jujitsu and judo. Then around 16 years of Age I made a transition to Boxing and Thai boxing, competing sometime later. This gave me a good understanding of striking and kicking. Experiencing Multiple fights against multiple subjects on the street and the door gave me new insights and understanding between the difference of Martial arts/combat sports and real violence.

My full-time Job as a doorman/supervisor and Intervention team member (for festivals and events) showed me the need to adapt the stuff that I learned in sport so that it worked for me under stress. Because of this need to adapt, I started to analyse what worked and what didn’t! I quickly realized that it came down to keeping things simple and acquiring the right MINDSET!

At the time I was already training in Krav Maga and I found out soon, that for me, nothing came out under real fight stress. I contacted Lee M to ask If he had Somebody in Holland to teach me UC.

I followed Lee Morrison for years on the international seminar circuit and started training with him directly when possible, so that I could grade and come on the UC Instructor program. Many hours of blood, sweat and tears later I am proud to call myself a Full UC Instructor, representing the UC curriculum in Amsterdam and Holland.