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Lee Morrison | the founder & chief instructor of Urban Combatives

What is Urban Combatives?

Urban Combatives is an Internationally recognised organisation that installs Personal Security and Self Protection Skills as a Method of Counter Violence! It was Primarily created for the Every day Civilian, but has adaptability for Security, Law Enforcement and Military Units and has been taught to all right up to Elite Special Forces all over the World, where of course the Rules of Engagement will differ as will the Objective!

Our History




UC was founded in 1999 and is the conclusion of over 40 years of martial arts training and live experience from the street to the doors. Stripped down to the bare essentials of what has been found to work under real fight distress. UC is a principle based method driven by mentality and mindset as opposed to technical based methods that give no recognition to the psychological aspects relating to countering violence!



UC has over 25 full instructors globally with scores more currently at apprentice level. pending procession to full instructor status.


UC Schools Globally

So far we have over 25 UC schools and 30+ UC study groups run by senior students pending full instructor-ship.




UC has taught over 4000 civilian students in class and seminar context, in addition to score of security, military and law enforcement operations.

What We do

UC has a Compressed Curriculum based on Principles. It is made up of both ‘Soft Skills’ non-physical elements of Personal Security and ‘Hard Skills’ a small Gross-Motor Toolbox of Physical Skills that are relatively easy to Teach and Install. Such Skills have Proven themselves to be Highly Adaptable and Retain able under the affects of ‘Fight Duress’ such as Adrenaline-Fear, Confusion-Disorientation, Fatigue & Pain! Most if not all, of these Emotional Elements will be present during a Potentially Violent Confrontation!
All of these Trained Elements are Driven by its Foundation Platform; that of the Cultivation of a COMBATIVE MINDSET! This Foundation Element remains a Constant whether UC is Employed by a Civilian or an Operative working within a Professional field where Exposure to Violence is at its Highest in terms of Probability!
For all Civilian Self Protection, the Emphasis is placed around Avoidance, Evasion, Escape or Possible De-escalation! After all the best SP of all is ‘Don’t Fucking Be There!’ Establishing a good level of Situation Awareness, in addition to learning very quickly how to Recognise Pre-Threat Cue Behavior is what will enable you, (in the Main) to meet those Objectives! These Personal Security Elements formulate our ‘Soft Skills’.
If USE OF FORCE is required, where Possible we’d aim to be Pre-emptive, employing a Physical Response that will put a STOP to the Threat both quickly and Clinically! This is Supported Heavily with Counter Offensive Contingency Plans if Pre-emption is NOT Possible! Here we would always strive to respond on a Force to Threat Parallel that is considered both REASONABLE & NECESSARY (as can Best Be Ascertained in the Moment) in order to Facilitate an ESCAPE at the Earliest Opportunity!
It is Important to gain an Understanding of the Laws Relating to Self Defence within the Country or State that you live in! Please note that Everything we do in UC is Geared toward methods of ‘Counter Violence’ from a Street Perspective! UC is NOT Sport and its NOT Art, there will be Aggressive Role play & Dialogue with Profanity, as well as Progressively harder Training that will take the Combative Trainee into the Realms of Fully Kitted Simulation & Scenario Training!
We train as realistically as Safely Possible, Simulating live non-compliant Attacks in both Training and Urban Environments. You will learn to Operate Effectively in spaces of Confinement such as Stairwells, Restrooms, Elevators, Alleyways and Vehicles. The focus will be placed around the 2 Essential Expectations present during ANY Potential Violent Confrontation; WEAPONS & MULTIPLE ASSAILANTS! Both Constitute a Level Ten Threat and Require a Level Ten Response! If you are Not Training for Weapons & Multiples you are Not Training for REALITY!

Our UC Team

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