Allows you to train your self-protective abilities anytime from any internet-enabled mobile device.


  • Click here for key features of the online video training platform!
Click here for key features of the online video training platform!


You will receive from Lee Morrison his complete knowledge of over 40 years of violence and street experience.

In over 140 videos with over 88 hours of video material, you will be sensitised for the topic of self-protection. Wherever you have Internet access, you can work on your self-protection at home or on the road.

  • Over 140 digital Videos
  • Over 88 hours runtime
  • Monthly new Content
  • Exclusive Live QA
  • Exclusive Workshop Videos
  • You are a Part of the Urban Combatives Family
The Video Training Platform is suitable for beginners as well as combatives professionals. And if you’re training a self-defense system or martial arts, then this online video training is the perfect match.
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Train with UC

UC is an Internationally recognised organisation that installs Personal Security and Self Protection Skills as a Method of Counter Violence!

Distance Learning

This is the ideal place to start from a distance learning perspective. The online learning courses 1-10 offer 50 modules that will give the student a good basic understanding of the UC curriculum until they can find a certified instructor in or around their surrounding area.

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Schools & Classes

A list of certified UC instructors offering class lessons, private tuition, workshops and seminars

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UC Instructor Programme

An intensive training course for those looking to teach others.

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Official Study Groups

Groups of like-minded people that want to get together and train in UC!

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Seminars & Workshops

Check our upcoming seminars and workshops from around the world

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Personal Training

We offer private 121 personal training services as well as small group personal training. For more information and prices, please contact us.

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