Self-Protection Training
for Everyone

Adult Training

From 16 years and over, mixed gender and all levels of ability.

Group Training is held weekly and is limited to a maximum of 16 people to ensure quality of instruction. All basic elements of Civilian Self Protection are covered including Personal Security ‘Soft Skills’ and Combative Tool formation, ‘Hard Skills’, pre-emption for a pro-active response when conflict is unavoidable as well as all elements of situational counter offence. Understanding of predatory behaviour, pre-threat cues, Self Defence and UK Law as well as the emotional/psychological response that is attached to the ‘adrenal release’ during potential violent confrontation is also practiced and fully understood.

Female Training

This class employs our UC’s ‘Wolverine Unleashed’ Program specifically designed for Women.

This is run weekly as well as within specific workshops, seminars and courses. Ladies are welcome to bring along a male friend, partner or sibling for a more comfortable training partner if they wish, free of charge. Elements covered relate to Personal Security, learning to become ‘Street Smart’ enhancing confidence and body language demeanour and assertion. Learning to use your voice as well as developing a very combative toolbox should the physical ever become inevitable. This will be presented from a twofold perspective; Self Protection from an Unknown threat in the street as well as when the setting is much closer to home within the realms of Domestic Violence/Abuse.

Kids Training

This class and program was specifically designed for boys and girls aged from 7 to 11 years old.

The key focus is on two elements, Anti-Bullying and Stranger Danger! There is an additional program progression for children from the age of 12 to 16 years that is adapted to accommodate the needs of both boys and girls of that age group. In both programs the focus is on educating both parents and children as well as cultivating Fitness, Strength, Agility, Verbal Assertion, Physical Ability as well as Confidence.


UC Workshops are held all around the globe.

UC are available for one day 4 hour workshops hosted at a venue of your choice. Topics can be specifically one element or several different modules, all of which will integrate. Topics of choice can be presented when hosted.


UC has a proven method of Low Profile Combatives training for Door Security, task-specific to the Pub/Nightclub Environment and Rules of Engagement!

For such private training please contact Lee Morrison directly via

Law Enforcement

UC has taught Operational people from the UK, the USA, 7 European Law Enforcements along with Special Police Units throughout the globe.

For such private training please contact Lee Morrison directly via


UC has taught Operational Military Units and Elite Special Forces from all around the globe!

For such private training please contact Lee Morrison directly via

Combative Fitness

This class specifically focuses on Strength and Conditioning for everyone from the average Combatives Trainee up to the Sport Combat Athlete.

It combines all elements of General Physical Preparedness, Strength Training and Conditioning. Here we employ Kettlebells, Clubbells, Sandbags, Battle Ropes, Sledge Hammer and Tyres as well as good old fashioned Bodyweight Calisthenics. Here Strength/Conditioning is combined with a useful Combative skill set, thereby offering the Student a good combination of Fitness and Self Protection.