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UC Online Course 8


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Third Part Protection and Intervention

In this next course within our UC Online Learning Program; we take a look into 3rd Party Protection and Intervention. This is when there might be a need to Shield, Protect and Evacuate a Significant Other from any potential or hostile assault! We look into the difference in Mentality required for Protecting someone else compared to the Mentality of Self Preservation.

We also look at 3rd Party Prevention, again of a Significant Other, Police Officer or even a total stranger if the situation dictates, as a good citizen you should do something! We take everything into drill format, looking at these scenarios from both an armed and unarmed assault perspective! From here everything is taken into Simulation!

Modules Include:
38. Third Party Protection Overview
39. Third Party Protection Drills
40. Third Party Intervention
41. Third Party Intervention Simulation Drills


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