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UC Online Course 3


Product Description

This Online Learning Course covers all essential elements relating to Counter Knife. Covered via four video Modules and an in-depth PDF Manual. This program is available for immediate download in an MP4 format and PDF file. Essential Learning for all Combative Trainees and must know Grade material for UC Level 3 Grading.

Modules Included:
18. Dealing with the knife, before its out! Pre-Weapon Access, Knifer’s M.O, Methods of Concealment to Deployment, Pre-Threat Cues and other Behavioural elements, Weapon Signatures
19. The Knife is OUT! Knife is active and in play! Blade Fend Position, Blade Fend Progression, Dealing with the Slash, Dealing with the Stab, Blade Fending Principles, The 3 E’s relating to the knife
20. Knife Hold Up and Brandish! Understanding the emotional response associated to getting caught by surprise! Knife Brandish Response and options, Knife Hold Up Counter Principles
21. Dreaded Grab and Stab! Principle based options for dealing with THE most dangerous knife assault, the dreaded grab and stab!

Impact work and Stimulation drills! Impactive drills to develop Principles with Partner, Protective KIT and Pads

UC Counter Knife Concepts: 195 page, full colour printable PDF Manual covering all elements of Counter Knife in its entirety


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