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UC Online Course 6


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Dealing with Multiple Assailants
This next course in our UC Online Learning Program takes an in-depth look at how we can train for Multiple Assailants effectively and realistically. The first thing you will notice with such training is just how dynamic and alive things get particularly when taken in Simulation with non-compliant training partners as it should be! If you take part in a 2 or 3 on 1 scenario it is probable that differing responses will come out each time you take part. With that said, Principles remain a constant. The 3 Key Principles that we stick to here are:

  • PRE-EMPTION: where possible, do something before they do something!
  • TACTICAL MOBILITY: Get to the outside of the closest subject and keep moving, a moving target is harder to track and therefore harder to hit!
  • MINDSET: You’ve got to keep your Head! This series of Modules will install these Principles quickly and effectively!

Modules Include:
29. Introduction to Multiple Assailants Their Tactics/Your Tactics
30. Tactical Positioning Drills/Situational Control of Proxemics
31. 2-3 on 1 Stacking and Shielding Drills
32. 2-3 on 1 Drills plus Holding Attacks


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