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UC Online Course 7


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The Combative use of Improvised Weapons

In this next course within our UC On-Line Learning Program; we take a look into the pro’s and con’s of Improvised Weapons.
Here we look only at options that meet the necessary criteria in terms of practicality, legality and potential effect among other elements essential to this subject.
After an in-depth Introduction, that focuses primarily on the importance of MINDSET first and foremost, in relation to Self Protection we then go onto explore each category of Improvised Weapon in drill related detail as follows:

Modules Include:
MODULE 33: Improvised Weapons Overview/Introduction/Weapon Profile/Legality and More
MODULE 34: Personal Carry Tool Options/Carry-Access and Deployment/Skill-Set for Usage
MODULE 35: Weapons of Opportunity
MODULE 36: Synthetics Allies
MODULE 37: Environmental Damage/Scenario Training/Debrief


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