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UC Online Course 10


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Dealing with a Pain Resistant Adversary

This course in our Online Learning Program takes an indepth look at how we can train for a Highly Pain Tolerant individual. This may be due to large body mass with deep under lying receptor sites, meaning the subject simply doesn’t acknowledge pain like most other people, or they are pharmaceutically assisted/intoxicated in some way. Maybe they have mental health issues and like pain or they are simply ‘raging’ aggressive and full of adrenaline whereby now they are highly pain resistant. In such examples there will be a need to go from generic targeting to prime targeting. With the Key objectives of Disrupting the Adversary’s ability to fight by diminishing the Consciousness/Vision/Breathing and Mobility Quickly and Decisively.

Modules Include:
46. Targeting the Skull Structure
47. Targeting the Neck Structure
48. Targeting the Eye/s Structure
49. Targeting the Groin/Pelvic Structure
50. Targeting the Knees/Lower Limbs


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