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UC Online Course 9


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Low Profile Combatives

In this next course within our UC Online Learning Program; we take a look into Low Profile Combatives: Here we are working at a lower level of response, in terms of Use of Force. This would be due to the perception that the immediate threat level was considered Low! LP methods are employed by Security, Law Enforcement and Civilians alike when the level of Threat deems that a higher level of Force is unnecessary! Example might be an overzealous friend or relative who has been drinking too much and is becoming aggressive and just needs to go home! Or within the realms of Security and Law Enforcement, employed to control an irate but not initially dangerous subject! It should be immediately understood that if at any point the Threat Level that you were facing suddenly increased then this would be met with an immediate escalation in terms of your Use of Force. Simply ‘Branch’ to a more significant Skill-Set. Targeting in LP focuses Primarily on the Middle and Low-line structures of the body. This would include extremities and large muscle groups. The High-line target of the head/face and neck structure is NOT considered LP in terms of Response. Therefore, will not be covered within this Low Profile Module.

Modules Include:
42. Low Profile Combatives: Introduction/Control and Restraint
43. Low Profile Combatives: Takedowns/LP Striking
44. Low Profile Combatives: Striking and Targeting
45. Low Profile Combatives: Attacking with Low-Line Tools


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